My HypSuasion MasterClass Edition
Hypnosis + Persuasion = YES!

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Its Time To Realize Your True Potential
Hi Partner,

This really is such an exciting moment. The most common celebration of our program is in simply opening our clients eyes to the power of words and sequences. The majority of our clients experiences daily frustration in there marketing campaigns not getting desired results.

I know how it is to have such a great product, and you feel like
no one realizes what you are trying to offer. You tried the least path of resistance, yet the your desired result was not achieved.

I have listened about how they had spent tens of thousands of dollars in programs, coaches, ad spend, and agencies and nothing truly worked for them... 

I get it.

Here's what you can expect. I have prepared for you, sales pitches and closing sequences. Persuasion techniques I have implemented and perfected throughout my career. Along with recorded videos and easy to understand, individual techniques, so you can apply them right away to your marketing.
Most Importantly: You will also have direct access to me.
This is the First Time EVER has anyone ever taken a doctorate in behavioral science and hypnosis, and tailored it for persuading someone to buying your product or service.

I have personally invested twenty years in every elite sales environment from Wall Street to $100m+ consumer product launches. 

In All Cases: The Product Changes, But People stay the same. SELLING IS SIMPLY PERSUADING


This program is founded in social behavioral science and hypnosis. You will persuade people to say yes because they feel like they should. By accepting this program, you are attesting to purely ethical use among qualified prospects. 
Inside You Will Learn

Mobilize Prospects Down Sales Paths

People develop a preconceived notion about any and everything. You will learn to develop it for them.

Doctorate Level Education

The content you will gain access to has required twenty years of studies and twenty years of real world application. 

Perfect Presentation Formula

Like everything in life, once we can identify what an ideal version looks like, we can strive to work towards it. You will not have that.

Framing Formulas”

How you can build a moment where your prospect is prepared to say yes to something very specific. You had created that specific item in their mind already.

"Simple Introductory Formulas"

Because first impressions are so lasting, it's important to make a good one in any sales process. Not only will you be well received but also highly regarded.

“Conversation Hypnosis Formulas”

Every prospect can so easily veer off our path. This formula is engineered to recapture your prospect's focus in mobilization down your suggested path.

“Email Obligation Formulas”

One of the most powerful techniques is in causing your prospect to make a voluntary commitment in public. You will learn how to do so via email.

Direct Mastermind Access

You will have direct group access to message me anytime. As long as you give me some time to respond, this is a service to help you further succeed in your business

Bonus & Usage Examples

I will show you how to use each of these 
techniques to minimally triple all your conversion performance metrics. Easily.

Get Access To Master Class Now

It's clear you want something bigger, something better, in your life.
Let's accomplish that together.
"If I may, I would like to go a step further. I want to eliminate the risk of disappointment for you. I'm going to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. With nothing to lose, this decision for you is an easy one. Have the courage to invest in yourself. I promise, I will not let you down." - Anthony

Make mine, yours.

Anthony Calascione

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